Welcome to the web site of the Houston Area Survey (HAS), now completing its twenty-third year of systematic survey research. The site is continually being updated to incorporate the most recent reports and the findings from the latest survey, conducted in the early spring of each year.

Click here for a brief description of the purpose and methodology of this research program.

Click here (All Survey Questions) for a compilation of all the questions that have ever been asked in the Houston survey.

Click here (Current PowerPoint) to download the most recent PowerPoint presentation, which depicts some of the important trends the surveys have revealed.

Click here (Research Reports) for an executive summary of several research reports  written on the findings of the Houston Area Surveys.

Click here (Other Publications) for an updated list of additional articles, book chapters, reports, and manuscripts that have presented the survey findings and are available on request.

Click here (Research Opportunities) to learn about the programs associated with Houston Area Survey the “HAS Summer Fellowships,” which offer stipends to encourage and support graduate student research using data from the Houston surveys.

Click here (Contributing Sponsors) for a list of the organizations and individuals whose vision and generosity have made this research possible.

Click here (Contact) to contact Fritz Richardson, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and the founding-director of the Houston Area Survey. This is the place to go for further information about the surveys, to order copies of any of the HAS publications, or for the SPSS data files themselves.